About the courses

Who can apply to EtonX?

Students aged 1420 years old with a good level of English. Students must be resident outside the UK.

Parents can also sign up their child if their child is within the requirements stated above.

How does the course work?

Students are given access to our learning platform where they can work through all the learning materials and follow their Self Study course. An online tutorial can be purchased in addition to the Self Study course at any time within this account. If they have enrolled onto a Group Study course, once a week they will need to log in to join their class in our virtual classroom for a live online lesson. These lessons are delivered using state-of-the-art video-streaming technology.

How long do the courses last?

This will depend on which type of course the student has signed up for. If the student has signed up to a Self Study or Tutorial course, this can be taken in your own time at your own pace. If the student has enrolled on a Study Group course, the learning will be paced out across seven weeks, starting with an orientation class followed by six weeks of study and a final assignment or assessment.

How is the week structured?

If the student has signed up for a Study Group course, each week, there are self-study and peer-learning activities which can be completed in their own time before the live weekly class. The class takes place at the same time each week. After the class, there are post class activities to complete.

If the student has purchased a Self Study or Tutorial course, they can log into their account to access their learning area. They will be able to manage their own time and work through the materials at their own pace, although we would recommend they complete one topic per week.

How much time will it take?

Each course requires approximately one to two hours per week. If a student has signed up for a Study Group course, this includes one hour of live online classes plus one hour of self-study and peer learning activities pre- and post-class.

What time will the online classes be?

When applying for a Study Group course, students are given a choice of class times appropriate for their time zone. We then match them with students from all around the world who are available at the same time and are a similar age.

How many students are in each class?

On the Study Group course, students will be learning with up to seven other students. These will be the same students throughout the duration of the seven week course. Each class has a maximum of eight students.

Which other students will be in the group class?

For the Study Group course, the group classes are allocated by age and time zone. We group ages 1416, 1618 and 1820 together. Students may be from different countries but all of them have a good level of English. If you are joining through your school then you may be in enrolled in a class of students from your school or a mix of students from your school and other students.

When do the courses start?

Self Study courses and Tutorial courses can start immediately, as soon as you have completed the payment process.

Study Group courses start every week but there may be a wait depending on the number of sign ups for a particular course in each time slot.

What is the pedagogical approach?

EtonX courses use a model known as flipped learning. Students come to class having completed the self-study tasks, which is where most of the knowledge input is delivered. This leaves class time free for students to practise and implement the skills they have been learning under the guidance of the course tutor.

The classes are highly interactive with the focus on students communicating with one another. The teacher is a facilitator of communication, not a lecturer.

Regular reflective tasks and a personalised action plan with autonomous learning goals ensure that students are encouraged to take their learning out of the classroom and into their real-world environment.

For students

What are the benefits of taking an EtonX course?

EtonX courses allow you to develop skills that you may not have the opportunity to develop as part of your regular studies or co-curricular activities. These skills are vital for your success at university and in life.

Each course has specific benefits that you can view on the course page.

If you have signed up for a Study Group course, working with students from other countries in our virtual classroom will also develop your cross-cultural and digital communication skills. If you are non-native speaker of English then our courses offer you valuable English language practice too.

What are the essential skills EtonX helps students develop?

Our courses improve your soft skills, also known as future skills or 21st-century skills, which are just as important to your future success as your academic results.

They include competencies such as communication and collaboration and, leadership skills such as influencing and assertiveness. We also offer courses in practical skills such as CV Writing and Interview Preparation and in Entrepreneurship.

Find out more about the importance of soft skills here.

Will I have a teacher from Eton College?

The live online classes are led by EtonX tutors. Each course also has a Course Director who is a teacher at Eton College. The Course Director has worked with EtonX to produce the course and features in videos introducing and summarising each week’s work. In some courses, you will also have a chance to hear from students and other teachers at Eton.

What happens in the virtual classroom?

On the Study Group course, you meet in a group of up to eight students with an EtonX tutor. These students will be close in age to you. The tutor facilitates group discussions, role plays and other activities. There are various collaboration tools such as a virtual whiteboard and polls. The tutor can place you into smaller groups in a virtual breakout room. The focus of the classes is on students communicating with each other and the tutor facilitating. It is not a lecture or a webinar.

What kind of activities are in the self-study part of the course?

Before each class, there are a variety of activities for you to complete to ensure that you come to class ready to practise and develop your skills. These include activities based on videos and interactive presentations, questionnaires and quizzes.

What are the peer-learning tasks?

You can collaborate with your classmates outside of the class time through discussion forums and research tasks. These activities are asynchronous, i.e. they do not involve live chat, but you can contribute and read others’ posts in your own time.

What if I can’t attend the class I’m enrolled on?

When applying for a Study Group course, you can choose a time that suits you. If something changes before the course starts and you cannot attend the classes that you’re enrolled in, then you should contact us at support@etonx.com. We can then work out another time that suits you.

I'm not sure if my English is good enough. Can you help?

Our courses are aimed at teenagers with a B2 level of English. You can check if you meet this requirement here. We will also check your English level when you apply for a course.

I'm a native English speaker. Can I still take the course?

Yes! If you live outside of the UK you can take one of our courses. You will have other native speakers as your classmates.

I’m in the UK. Why can’t I apply?

We are sorry but we cannot offer our courses to students located in the UK. Eton College’s charitable status in the UK means that its education activity beyond the school is focused on outreach and non-commercial programmes.

I’m in China. Can I apply?

We will be working with partners to launch our courses in China later this year. If you are interested in Future Skills courses, please register with us and we will ensure you are the first to know when we have a partnership in place.

What will happen to my private information?

Please read our privacy policy here.

About live online learning

Who are the tutors on the EtonX course?

Our tutors have all been trained at Eton College. They are all highly experienced online tutors who are used to tutoring students from across the world. We monitor the quality of our live sessions through recordings and other feedback.

What do I need?

A strong and stable internet connection. Students will need a desktop computer or laptop, a webcam (inbuilt or external), as well as a microphone and headphones.

How fast does my internet need to be?

You should have a stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 8Mbps (Megabits per second). For optimum performance we recommend 12+ Mbps.

How do I know if my internet connection is good enough?

You can check your internet speed here. http://www.speedtest.net/

Which browser should I use?

Our virtual classroom is optimised for Google Chrome. Using a different browser may mean some of the tools don’t function.

I don’t have access to a laptop or a desktop, can I follow the course on my phone?

Currently our virtual classroom is only available on laptops or desktop computers.

We are working towards optimising the platform for mobile devices, but we recommend a laptop or desktop in order to get the best experience out of our courses.

For parents & guardians

What are the benefits of taking an EtonX course?

Our courses improve your child’s soft skills, also known as future skills or 21st-century skills, which are just as important to their future success as their academic results.

They include competencies such as communication and collaboration, and leadership skills such as influencing and assertiveness.

We also offer courses in practical skills such as CV Writing and Interview Preparation and in Entrepreneurship.

To learn more about the importance of soft skills click here.

Can I sit in on my child’s class?

We don’t recommend that parents sit in on classes. This can be distracting for your child and for the other students in the group classes.

What security measures are in place to protect my child?

We take child safety extremely seriously. All live classes are recorded for security purposes and quality control. Every EtonX tutor has passed a rigorous selection process and has been DBS checked with the British government to ensure that they are able to work with children. All tutors sign up to our strict Code of Conduct and undertake Child Safeguarding training. Tutor performance is monitored by the EtonX Learning team in London.

What will happen to my child's private information?

Please read our privacy policy here.  

Teachers and academic leaders

Can I offer EtonX at my school?

Yes – if your students meet our application criteria. We can offer the course in a number of ways with your school:

  1. In a closed group of up to eight students where only your students are in the group.
  2. Mixing a small number of your students with students from other places.
  3. Allowing individual students to sign up and be placed in a mixed-student group.

If you are interested in offering EtonX at your school, please contact hello@etonx.com

Distributors and partners

I’m interested in representing EtonX in my country. What should I do?

EtonX welcomes expressions of interest from distributors, resellers and other partners. If you are interested in representing us, please contact hello@etonx.com