What are future skills?

Future skills, or soft skills as they are commonly known are skills based around how we communicate, think and approach tasks. Highly sought after by employers, these essential skills help us to build strong relationships with others and work effectively.

The global skills gap

  • Less than 3 in 10 employers think graduates are prepared for the work place
  • The top three soft skills employers believe to be lacking in their recent hires
  • Students with soft skills achieve learning outcomes up to 11% higher

The changing workplace

More than ever before are future skills in need as companies start replacing humans with robots or outsourcing jobs to reduce costs. The first hurdle to getting hired is presenting yourself well and communicating your thoughts articulately. After securing a role, critical thinking, problem solving, and good interpersonal skills will be essential to your career success.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to teach students from all over the world in a unique virtual classroom

Julia Tudway, EtonX tutor

Addressing the skills gap

EtonX has developed courses that focus specifically on these lost skills and are uniquely tailored to the 14-20 age group. Eton College course directors and our own pedagogical experts have packaged up a wealth of materials designed around practical objectives, specialising in communication, leadership, university and workplace preparation. We use our customised learning platform and online classroom to deliver courses, making them accessible to teens all over the world.