Being an effective communicator is critical. Good verbal communication skills can help improve relationships, increase engagement and productivity when working with others, and build trust. Clarity of message decreases the possibility of conflict and helps resolve it quicker if it does arise. Therefore, developing communication skills is key to achieving and excelling in leadership roles.

The EtonX Verbal Communication course

Our course helps students develop their communication skills, build rapport with others and communicate confidently. We guide students through understanding their strengths and weaknesses, how to build their confidence and structure their messages.

Check out the introduction from the Course Director to understand more about what the course involves.

What makes the Verbal Communication course unique?

Communication is a key part of getting through life, be it at school, university, work or even socially, so developing strong skills in this area is crucial. People often assume that being a good communicator is just about being confident, and that’s not always the case. Something which the Verbal Communication course does very well is show that strong communication isn’t just about being the most confident person in the room. It’s about being clear and concise in what you’re saying and really listening to the other person in the conversation.

The course teaches techniques to help deal with real-world situations like having difficult conversations, which can be tricky no matter how good a communicator you are. A great activity from the course is the Communication Styles activity, which covers four different types of people and how they communicate. Understanding other people is a powerful tool in being able to adapt your own communication style to make sure you have positive and effective interactions with those around you.

Who is the course perfect for?

The Verbal Communication course is perfect for anyone who wants to develop their confidence, understand what good communication looks like and use communication to build good relationships with the people around them.


If you’d like to learn more about the course head to this page. If you’re not ready to join the course yet, but would like to get some tips on how to improve your communication check out our blog on the topic.

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