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Quartz, June 21st 2018

Quartz chats to EtonX CEO, Catherine Whitaker, about the importance of delivering soft skills to teenagers in addition to traditional academic learning. View the article.

“Educators love to debate what skills, mindsets, and competencies kids will need to thrive in the global economy of the future. The prevailing wisdom today is that we should focus on skills that cannot be automated, such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.”

Catherine introduces EtonX’s new online future skills courses, specially designed for teenagers and accessible worldwide.

“Now the most elite boarding school on the planet has designed a seven-week online course that aims to give teens around the world the same take-charge-of-a-room kind of confidence that its pupils seem to derive from attending.”

EtonX has since finished developing 8 online soft skills courses, including Interview Skills, Public Speaking and Critical Thinking.

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