What are EtonX Summer School courses?

EtonX, from Eton College, provides online future skills courses to students aged 14-20 and our courses enhance academic performance today and prepare students for a successful future in sixth form, at university and in the workplace.

Our 2-week long summer courses are 100% online and take place in our virtual classroom led by an EtonX tutor.

  • Two weeks duration
  • 7 live, online classes
  • EtonX certificate
  • 1 hour of self-study per day
  • Groups of up to 8 students

Course features

All EtonX online courses are packed full of engaging learning materials, with a personal action plan and a knowledge test for each learner. Students learn from each other as well as from their tutor, participating in a range of role-play and discussion tasks in the virtual classroom and collaborating on peer learning tasks between classes.

  • Designed by Eton College experts
  • Personal action plan
  • Interactive tasks, videos & quizzes
  • Knowledge test

Our courses

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Summer School 2020

Summer 2020 has been like no other, with international travel not be on the agenda. Yet EtonX courses delivered in our Virtual Classroom have allowed teenagers from around the world to continue interacting online, in small groups, and collaborate on tasks together.

Students from over 40 countries have used their summer constructively and gained an extra qualification. Our international community of future leaders has grown, with over 20 of this year’s Summer School students purchasing another course!

What our students said about EtonX Summer School 2020

The course was so interesting, there was a wide variety of choices to cover many fields, and it is unlike anything available to my friends and I at our school 

Catrin Mackie, United Kingdom, Critical Thinking 


Being able to write a clear and persuasive essay is an ability that is surely useful: I will be able to express myself in a formal and correct way for example in a written part of a job interview! 

Fouad Al Khadra, Kuwait, Writing Skills 


EtonX has helped me become more confident and sure of myself, as a unique individual. 

Wim Ebersohn, Mozambique, Making an Impact