Tutor Group Courses

EtonX Tutor Group courses combine our interactive Self-Study content with live online classes to allow students to practise and develop their skills with up to eight other students from around the world.

All of our courses are delivered via our custom-built learning software and led by a trained EtonX tutor who ensures every student gets the most out of the course.


Why take a Tutor Group course?

Expert Tutors

Our tutors have years of teaching experience and are expert at helping students develop their strengths and reach their goals.

Live Classes

Live classes give students the opportunity to put knowledge into practice in an interactive and collaborative online environment.

Personalised Feedback

Students will receive personalised feedback and support in live classes, on a final assignment, and a Personal Development Plan so they know exactly what to work on next.

How do students learn?

Depending on the course, students will take part in between four and seven live classes in the EtonX Virtual Classroom, each lasting an hour. This is combined with our interactive self-study content. Find out more about the learning experience below.

Live Classes

Classes are led by an EtonX tutor and students are joined by up to seven of their peers from around the world. The classes are designed to be a collaborative and supportive learning experience, with the same study group each week.

Students will take part in live discussions and debates, either as a whole class, or in smaller breakout rooms.

Peer Learning

Peer learning is a key part of the EtonX experience. Students will participate in discussion boards, polls and surveys, word clouds and peer review tasks.

This is a great way for students to apply what they have learnt and improve their understanding of key concepts.

EtonX Tutors

Live online classes are led by an EtonX tutor, who is experienced in ensuring students get the most out of the course.

Tutors will start discussions, share additional content with students, and help develop their skills and confidence.

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Eton College Course Director

Within the self-study content, each section is introduced and summarised by the Eton College Course Director.  They’ll share their expertise on each topic as well as show students how they’ll be able to use the skills they’re learning in real-world scenarios.

Interactive Presentations

Students will learn key concepts with interactive presentations which present information visually and allow students to explore concepts at their own pace.

Interactive Tasks and Quizzes

Throughout the course, students can check their understanding of concepts and how to apply them with a range of interactive tasks.

These tasks include branching narratives, multiple choice and true/false quizzes, as well as drag and drop activities, which help students related content to real-life scenarios.

Diagnostic Tests

Most of our courses start with a diagnostic test which will give each student a visual profile of their skills, so they can see the areas they need to work on. They’ll do this again at the end to see how much they’ve grown and improved, and help guide their learning after the course.

Final Assignment

As part of each course, students are required to complete a final assignment, where they will be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout the course.

This contributes towards the final course grade, and students will receive detailed and personalised feedback from tutors on their assignment.

Progress Report

Throughout the course, students take regular quizzes and knowledge checks which are automatically displayed in a progress report, making it easy to keep track of progress and achievement.

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What do students get at the end of a course?


At the end of a course, students will receive a certificate to demonstrate their achievement.

The Tutor Group certificate is a digital, block-chain accredited certificate which can easily be shared and verified by employers and universities. It features the course grade and is signed by the Headmaster of Eton College and the Course Director.

Personal Development Plan

Developing the skills needed to succeed doesn’t stop when the course ends. This is why we ask students to choose two SMART goals to continue working on as they apply their skills and knowledge in the real world.

The tutor will give personalised feedback on each students’ plan, and advice on how they can reach their goals.

Course reviews

100% of students agreed that their course would help them get into their preferred university or help with future study plans.

94% of students agreed that they made improvements in their skills as a result of completing a course.

89% of students received a Distinction in their course – the highest grade available.

I really enjoyed the course because it was very accessible and I learnt lots of new things. I loved having the live classes because you could discuss things with your tutor and the other students. My tutor was really nice and encouraging and I learnt a lot with her. I liked the discussion board because it means you can continue your discussions from the live class and get feedback.
Grace, Critical Thinking, United Kingdom

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