Free online essential skills courses

EtonX is offering all maintained schools in the UK free access to online courses which complement the academic curriculum and ensure that students develop the essential skills they will need to thrive throughout their life.

All eligible schools can offer free EtonX courses to their students in Years 10-13.

Schools can choose from the full catalogue of EtonX Future Skills courses and can offer one course per year group. You can see the full range of courses below.

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How does the offer work?

  1. Check your eligibility – free for maintained schools in the UK only
  2. Choose one course for each year group
  3. Register your school details
  4. Receive your course access code
  5. Distribute the code to your students


Designed by Eton College, our 100% online courses are full of engaging learning materials, with a personal action plan and a knowledge test for each learner. Students completing the course will receive an EtonX certificate.

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Develop the confidence to face life’s challenges and reach your full potential.

Creative Problem Solving

Come up with fresh, innovative ideas to solve real-world problems.

Research Skills

Develop the skills for independent research at school and university.

Critical Thinking

Develop your ability to interpret, analyse and evaluate ideas and arguments.

Writing Skills

Write well structured, and clearly expressed essays.

Making an Impact

Become more assertive and learn how to influence others.

Interview Skills

Go to interviews feeling calm, confident and more prepared.

CV Writing

Build an impressive CV or resume.


Learn how to build the businesses of tomorrow

Public Speaking

Work on your delivery, for speeches and presentations.

Verbal Communication

Interact more effectively with the people around you.

What have teachers said about the free UK Schools Offer so far?

The courses supported our students by enabling them to learn independently whilst enhancing their writing and research skills. We noticed a difference in our Year Eleven’s writing skills and the ability of our Year Thirteens to conduct research, especially in subjects such as sociology, psychology and history.

Perry Lynch, Assistant Headteacher, St Edward's Academy, Romford

“The year group who were given the courses during lockdown, we’ve noticed that a number of them, a greater number actually, are preparing applications to more competitive universities, including three to Oxbridge.

Paul McMenamin, Deputy Headteacher, Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Liverpool

“Many of our students felt pretty lost at sea when exams were cancelled, and this was an opportunity and a chance for them to work productively towards a valued qualification. The courses are exactly the skills our students needed, for future study and their careers.”

Ben Edwards, Teacher, The Cotswold School, Cheltenham

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