You need more than just good grades

Our world is changing fast and in order to get ahead, students need the soft skills, practical skills and entrepreneurial mindset that are essential for success in life. These are known as future skills, and we provide them as online courses to teenagers.

From Eton College

EtonX’s courses allow students globally to benefit from Eton’s acclaimed expertise in developing well-rounded, high-achieving students. An Eton education values real world skills alongside academic learning.

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Key areas we specialise in

EtonX gives a new experience and as a student, we are able to get to know others from outside our school and even from different countries. The course content is really valuable and they make learning really fun!

Talya, Indonesia

Course Reviews

“I enjoyed the course very much. The atmosphere of the classes was great, the theory was well structured and easy to remember, I got a chance to understand my public speaking strengths and weaknesses better.”

Rugile, Lithuania

“You get to know new people and you will have a wonderful tutor, who is very helpful and accompany you through the course. You will improve your communication skills, by talking with others and doing your weekly task. Additionally, you will learn things in a modern way.”

Kim, Germany

“Of course, I improved my English, but most importantly, I improved my communicative skills, which now I use in my daily life.”

Nikita, Belarus

“Everything was wonderful. The tutor explained everything clearly so that we understood everything and got very important experience communicating with an English-speaking person.”

Violetta, Russia

“I can articulate my ideas more clearly and concisely. I am more confident about building rapport with others. I am more confident about interpreting what others are saying and responding appropriately.”

Emily, Germany

“I would recommend it as a course which will improve their ability to cope with stress and create clear and interesting presentation.”

Jakub, Poland

“I am now able to be more in control, relaxed and confident with answering interview questions, especially ones regarding personal experiences.”

Tania, Indonesia

“I think it’s going to be very helpful for me to get rid of fillers, but the most important thing for me is the active listening part, and the clear and short answering of questions using the pyramid model. I will use it in my daily communication.”

Felix, Germany

“I enjoyed writing on discussion board and reading others’ opinions. Formulating thoughts, especially in English, is a little hard for me, so I think it was really helpful. And it’s also always interesting to read others’ ideas.”

Rita, Belarus

“I can now give a public talk with confidence and not be as nervous. I know exactly what to do to prepare and I am more confident about it.”

Anna, Greece