EtonX was founded by Eton College in 2015. Our mission is to create high-quality courses that allow students to develop the skills they need for their future success.

Everything we do is underpinned by these key principles:

High-quality content

Innovative technology

Proven pedagogy

EtonX and Eton College

EtonX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eton College bringing together expertise in evidence-led teaching practices, experience in engaging and inspiring learners, and development of innovative online course delivery models.

Course development

Each course has its own Eton College Course Director, with expertise in that field.  Course Directors are involved in syllabus and content development,  and they also introduce and summarise each section of learning within the online course materials. Our courses include activities undertaken at Eton in lessons, tutorials and in extra-curricular activities that reflect Eton’s own teaching ethos.

Outreach programmes

In 2020, EtonX courses became a key part of Eton College’s Social Vision which aims to address education inequality in the UK.

Through the College’s Partnerships programme, we have made our courses available free of charge to UK state schools and a number of charitable organisations that promote social mobility and aim to improve access to higher education.

To date, more than 400,000 students have been given free access to our courses.


Safeguarding is in our DNA, it’s built into our technology and our processes, guided by the team at Eton College, so you can expect students to be as safe as they would in their own school.

See our full Safeguarding Policy.

Our team

We are a team of educators, content developers, and technology specialists who are passionate about delivering high-quality online courses and learning platforms to students around the world.

James Stanforth

Director of Digital Education, Eton College

Emma Grisewood

Head of EtonX Content, Eton College

Ginnie Richards

Etonx Operations Lead, Eton College

Catherine Doubell

EtonX Platform Lead, Eton College