Cité Scolaire Internationale (CSI) is a privately owned company that creates and manages schools across Senegal and Mali. Their network includes schools that follow the French curriculum, a bilingual programme, the International Baccalaureate (IB), an international pathway and their own signature “individualised learning pathway”. They have a wide network of partners who collaborate with them on different projects ranging from UNESCO’s sustainable development programme to Strive Football Group’s sports programme. 

CSI cultivates an international, culturally diverse environment and promotes education based on excellence and multilingualism. They prepare their students to be citizens and leaders of the world of tomorrow and to join the best universities in Africa, Europe and North America. Innovation is one of their core values and they put a lot of emphasis on the importance of the entrepreneurial experience. 

CSI began using EtonX’s Entrepreneurship course in 2019 as part of a comprehensive programme that aims to develop their students’ entrepreneurial skills which has run for three consecutive years. 


The EtonX Entrepreneurship Course

The EtonX Entrepreneurship course helps students generate, develop and pitch their business ideas. It supports students in developing an entrepreneurial mindset and skills such as teamwork and adaptability, which are highly transferable and support students in all their endeavours.

During the course, students learn how to identify opportunities, generate, test and refine ideas to solve these problems and pitch their business idea to potential investors or customers. The self-study course is a great way to develop entrepreneurial skills and foster self-motivation. CSI decided to take it a step further to get students to put their independent learning into practice with a series of team-working sessions.

Our entrepreneurship programme helps students develop self-confidence and a positive mental attitude to take on whatever they want in life. It’s an innovative and fun approach based on learning-by-doing pedagogy in a caring and motivating environment.

– Papa Gora Fall, Project Manager, CSI Group

The CSI entrepreneurship programme

CSI’s used the EtonX Entrepreneurship course as the core of the learning experience. The course provides a structured learning journey which CSI supplements with additional learning opportunities for students.

The three phases of the CSI programme are:

  • EtonX Entrepreneurship self-study course and workshops

Students complete the self-study modules week by week, coming up with a business idea and putting it to the test. CSI provides students with additional face-to-face Saturday tutoring sessions using EtonX’s Teacher Resource pack and their own resources to localise the programme. The workshop sessions allow students to discuss their work with their teams and the rest of the cohort.

  • Pitching event.

Students pitch their projects in a “Dragon’s Den” style event which CSI calls the “Lion’s Lair”. The judging panel is made up of two entrepreneurs, CSI’s founder and the school headteacher. Parents are also invited to attend the event. The students with the best pitches might secure funding or technical assistance to implement their project.

  • Meeting real-life entrepreneurs.

CSI organises meetings with entrepreneurs and field trips to visit private companies. This experience helps students get advice and support from professionals in the field, as well as see the principles described in the course applied to real life.

CSI start-ups

The 2021 cohort was divided into three groups and came up with pitches for three businesses.


The majority of women can’t use reusable sanitary pads because they are too expensive and not easily accessible. This start-up aims to create and commercialise reusable sanitary pads.

Youth Entertainment of Dakar

More than 55% of the population of Dakar is made up of young people, but there aren’t enough activity and leisure centres. This start-up wants to create a committee to organise events in Dakar for young people and parents.

Find Your Place

Young people are unable to find addresses, services and information for their daily activities because in Senegal the information is not accurate or in the right place. This start-up will create a website with all the services, addresses, and information available in Dakar or Senegal, depending on what interests the clients.


If you’re interested in developing entrepreneurship skills in your students check out our Entrepreneurship course.