St Paul’s School Lam Tin is an all-girls Catholic school located in Hong Kong. Established in 1970, the school is upholding the Paulinian spirit of “All things to all people”, providing whole person education to help their students develop into mature, independent and confident young ladies.

St Paul’s curriculum puts emphasis on providing a great variety of subjects and extra-curricular activities to facilitate the development of students’ intelligence, agency and independent learning skills.


Why EtonX courses?

St Paul’s decided to expand their extra-curricular options and offer EtonX courses to some of their best performing and most ambitious students. The school wanted to provide students with an opportunity to enrich and extend the learning of skills they would need in their future, and eventually hopes to extend the offering to the wider student body.

They felt that EtonX courses fit within their mission statement of “nurturing students to be intellectually, morally and spiritually prepared to face their life in future” by giving students the opportunity to learn how to learn and allowing them to apply these skills in a real world environment.

Students got to choose the courses they were interested in, as the school believed that student agency would be an important motivator in helping them complete the courses. Students decided on courses in Critical Thinking, Public Speaking and Verbal Communication.