EtonX’s Future Skills courses complement your school’s academic curriculum and ensure that students develop the practical, entrepreneurial and soft skills they will need to thrive at university and in the workplace.

Our courses can be integrated into your school’s core curriculum or as:

  • a co-curricular option
  • an extension option for high-achieving students
  • high-level English language practice.

A school can choose to offer EtonX courses:

  • in a closed group of up to eight students where only the school’s students are in the group
  • mixing a small number of its students with students from other places
  • allowing individual students to sign up and be placed in a mixed-student group.

We work with teachers to ensure their students have the best experience and offer reporting and data on student engagement and achievement.

All students must be aged 14–20 and have an Upper Intermediate level of English (B2 on the CEFR).

If you would like to discuss how EtonX could help your students become more ready for their future lives, please get in touch with us at


EtonX is actively looking for distribution partners across the globe who can access the international schools market or the government sector in their countries. We are particularly interested in developing partnerships in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand as well as in the states of the GCC.

If you would like to speak to our Business Development or Leadership team please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in EtonX.