How to improve your communication skills with these great tips

Communicating with confidence will get you heard in seminars and discussions at school and university, set you apart from other candidates in job interviews, and boost your career development prospects. Communication skills aren’t all about talking. They include non-verbal skills such as body language and active listening; they can be developed if you focus your

How to use body language during a presentation

It’s easy to spend a long time agonising over what to say when it comes to giving a presentation. However, it’s important to remember that a great presentation is about much more than just content. Elsewhere on the Future Skills Blog we’ve talked about the most important public speaking skills to have in general, but

What are the questions to ask at an interview?

Interviews can be stressful experiences. From choosing what clothes to wear to coping with nerves, there is always a lot to think about. Elsewhere on the Future Skills Blog there are some handy tips for interview preparation, but here we’re going to focus on a part of the interview that many people dread the most:

What are soft skills and how can they help me?

Many jobs require you to have some specific knowledge, skills or qualifications, but to succeed in any workplace you need to have soft skills. But what are soft skills? Soft skills are the skills you need to interact well with other people such, as assertiveness, influencing and negotiation. They are also personal skills which influence

Eight ways to improve your self-confidence

Do you ever wish that you could improve your self-confidence to get your ideas across and influence others? Do you struggle with self-doubt and wish that you could get rid of the negativity that is holding you back?  We have put together eight pointers to help you become more confident and keep self-doubt in check:

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