How good verbal communication skills can impact your life

Being an effective communicator is critical. Good verbal communication skills can help improve relationships, increase engagement and productivity when working with others, and build trust. Clarity of message decreases the possibility of conflict and helps resolve it quicker if it does arise. Therefore, developing communication skills is key to achieving and excelling in leadership roles.

The top five questions about resilience answered

Resilience is perhaps one of the most talked-about soft skills, however, not everyone understands what being resilient means and how to build this skill. We’ve compiled the five most asked questions about resilience and will answer them in this blog to help you understand this crucial skill.

What’s new for EtonX courses in 2022?

EtonX has launched new versions of courses for all three of our goals: Become a Leader, Get into University and Start a Career. The changes reflect student feedback and assessment data. It’s not just students that we encourage to adopt a growth mindset. At EtonX we take a proactive approach to learning and development ourselves!

How to foster a growth mindset in students

Growth mindset is an increasingly popular concept in education, and for good reason. Not only has it been shown to improve student wellbeing, but a recent PISA report highlights that students with a growth mindset also performed better in reading, science and maths than their peers who demonstrated a fixed mindset. But how do you