For Students

EtonX Self-Study courses give students access to 7-10 hours of interactive online content, allowing students to learn independently at a time and place that suits them. All of our courses are delivered via our custom-built learning software.

Eton College Course Director

Each section in a course is introduced and summarised by the Eton College Course Director.  They’ll share their expertise on each topic as well as show students how they’ll be able to use the skills they’re learning in real-world scenarios.

Interactive Presentations

Students will learn key concepts with interactive presentations which present information visually and allow students to explore concepts at their own pace.

Interactive Tasks and Quizzes

Throughout the course, students can check their understanding of concepts and how to apply them with a range of interactive tasks.

These tasks include branching narratives, multiple choice and true/false quizzes, as well as drag and drop activities, which help students relate content to real-life scenarios.

Diagnostic Assessments

Most of our courses start with a diagnostic test which will give each student a visual profile of their skills, so they can see the areas they need to work on. They’ll do this again at the end to see how much they’ve grown and improved, and help guide their learning after the course.

End of the course