Preparing for BMAT

Develop key skills to get the best possible BMAT score.

Course Director: Dr Andrew Saunders

Director of Local Partnerships, Eton College
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Course overview

Our Preparing for BMAT Course will help you familiarise yourself with all aspects of the BMAT test, as well as developing your ability to think through problems and arguments critically and logically. You’ll also complete three mini timed practice tests and a full-length timed test to identify the areas you need to work on.



Scientific Knowledge

  • Maths: Numerical Skills, Quadratics, Geometry, Probability
  • Physics: Kinematics and Newtonian Mechanics
  • Chemistry: Balancing Equations and Determining Moles
  • Biology: Monohybrid Crosses
  • Completing a Scientific Knowledge mini timed test


Critical Thinking

  • Identifying and drawing conclusions
  • Assumptions and additional evidence
  • Reasoning errors and logical fallacies
  • Identifying principles and matching arguments
  • Completing a Critical Thinking mini timed test


Problem Solving

  • Relevant data
  • Procedure
  • Calculations
  • Visual and spatial reasoning
  • Completing a Problem Solving mini timed test


Mock Test

  • Completing a final BMAT Section 1 timed test
  • Completing a final BMAT Section 2 timed test
  • About the BMAT essay

Preparing for BMAT – learning outcomes


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • identify all key aspects of the BMAT
  • recognise the different question types included in the BMAT
  • develop key strategies for tackling specific question types, as well as more general advice
  • understand how to think critically and logically
  • know how to deal with time pressure and maintain concentration.

Study options


Self-paced, independent learning that students complete at their own pace.

This is a flexible option which students can fit around school and other extracurricular commitments.

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  • 7–10 hours of learning materials
  • Timed practice tests
  • Progress dashboard
  • Certificate of completion

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After joining this course, I was able to use critical thinking skills to examine news and decide whether they are trustworthy. It really helps me to put critical thinking in daily usage and be more logical!
Mercy, Critical Thinking, Hong Kong

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