University Interview Skills

Ensure you are well-prepared for your university interview.

Course Director: Dr Jane Sillery

Senior Master, Eton College
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Course overview

Our University Interview Skills Course will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare for your interview. We demystify the interview process by delving into the interviewer’s perspective, the information they already have about you and the criteria they’re using to assess you. The course will also explore the types of questions you’ll be asked and how best to tackle them, and develop tools to manage nerves and negative thoughts, to enable you to have a more enjoyable and informative experience.



Understanding the Interview

  • What to expect
  • Understanding the interviewer’s perspective
  • Traits that interviewers are looking for


Your University Application

  • Conducting research
  • Personal statement
  • Reading strategy for deeper academic knowledge


Thinking on Your Feet

  • Planning ahead
  • Controlling your nerves
  • Reframing negative thoughts


The Big Day

  • How to approach questions and formulate relevant, focused answers
  • Coping with unseen texts and problems
  • Speaking your thought process out loud

University Interview Skills – learning outcomes


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • identify the skills needed to improve your interview performance
  • understand what the interview process entails and what the interviewer is looking for
  • research your university, course and subject further to build strong answers
  • practise responding to unseen texts and tasks
  • develop your ability to think aloud, demonstrating your thought process to the interviewer
  • learn tools to help you manage nerves and negative thoughts.

Study options


Self-paced, independent learning that students complete at their own pace.

This is a flexible option which students can fit around school and other extracurricular commitments.

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  • 7–10 hours of learning materials
  • Progress dashboard
  • Certificate of completion

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The EtonX University Interview Skills course will allow you to gain skills that are not only going to be useful for your university interview but in your academic life in general. Skills like critical thinking and applying your knowledge don't stop being useful after your interview, on the contrary they are the most important skills in your career.
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