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  • Suitable for ages 16+
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What will you learn?

Our Preparing for BMAT course will help you familiarise yourself with all aspects of the BMAT test, as well as developing your ability to think through problems and arguments critically and logically. You’ll also complete a timed full-length test to identify the areas you need to work on.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be familiar with all key aspects of the BMAT
  • Know how to recognise the different question types included in the BMAT
  • Have a range of key strategies for tackling specific question types, as well as more general advice
  • Practise answering BMAT-style questions and build up your confidence
  • Understand how to think critically and logically
  • Know how to deal with time pressure and maintain concentration


Course features

This course is 100% online and packed full of engaging learning materials, and includes a personal action plan for each learner. Additional features are available if you wish to take this course as part of a Study Group.

  • Designed by Eton College experts
  • Personal action plan
  • Interactive tasks, videos & quizzes
  • Timed practice test

Why should I take this course?

This course is right for you if you are applying for a medical course and you want to:

  • Get the best possible BMAT score
  • Go into the test feeling confident
  • Strengthen your medicine application.

Around 9.5% of medical applications are successful.

How can you take this course?

There are two ways you can take this online course, depending on how you wish to study and how much support you require.



  • Start any time and work at your own pace
Course breakdown

  • 7-10 hours of self study learning materials

  • Progress dashboard
  • Timed practice test
  • Certificate of completion

Summer Tutor Group


  • Paced daily learning with your tutor group
  • Courses starting from 28th June
Course breakdown

  • 7-10 hours of self study learning materials
  • Regular guided discussions and collaborative tasks
  • 5 online group classes with an EtonX tutor and your tutor group (up to 8 students)

  • Progress dashboard
  • EtonX tutor
  • Timed practice test
  • Collaborative learning
  • Certificate of completion

Got a question?

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