Online courses for leadership

How to be a future leader

EtonX have built a range of courses that cater specifically for young, aspirational individuals with big ideas and big ambitions. Leadership requires a specific toolkit of skills, including being innovative, standing out and getting people to believe in your vision. We will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and teach you how to turn your dreams into a reality.

“This is a great opportunity to understand assertiveness, its use in everyday life, and in the professional sphere.”

Alesya, Belarus

I improved my English, but most important, I improved my communicative skills, which now I use in my daily life.

Nikita Tristen, EtonX student, Belarus

“As a tutor it is so interesting to meet and work with so many different nationalities. It is great to share in the cultural exchange with the students.”

Karen Rawlinson, EtonX Tutor