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  • Suitable for ages 14-20
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What will you learn?

Interview Skills will improve your ability to make a good impression in the vital first moments of the interview and to give strong answers to any kind of interview question.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Effective pre-interview research and preparation
  • Understanding what the interviewer is looking for
  • Structuring effective answers
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Strategies for dealing with tricky questions
  • Managing nerves
  • Body language and interview etiquette
  • Assertiveness and resilience

Course features

This course is 100% online and packed full of engaging learning materials, with a personal action plan and a knowledge test for each learner. Additional features are available if you wish to take this course as part of a Study Group.

  • Designed by Eton College experts
  • Personal action plan
  • Interactive tasks, videos & quizzes
  • Knowledge test

Available on our Group Study course

  • Tutorials with Eton trained tutors
  • Graded assessment
  • Collaborative learning
  • Certificate from Eton College

How can you take this course?

There are three ways you can take this online course, depending on how you wish to study and how much support you require.

Self Study Course


  • Start any time and work at your own pace
Course breakdown

  • 7-10 hours of self study learning materials

  • Progress dashboard

Tutorial Course


  • Start any time and work at your own pace
Course breakdown

  • 7-10 hours of self study learning materials
  • 1 online tutorial (1-2-1 lesson with tutor)

  • Progress dashboard
  • Eton trained tutor

Why should I take this course?

This course is right for you if you are aged 14–20 and you want to:

  • Are preparing for university entrance, internship or job interviews
  • Need interview practice
  • Want help to stand out from other candidates
  • Want to conquer nerves and improve your confidence

93% of people suffer anxiety about interviews

Your course is really great; good teacher, excellent online system, interesting homework and of course, useful knowledge.

Barbara Skvortsova, EtonX student, Russia

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not preparing for an interview at the moment. Is this course still for me?

Of course! You might not have an interview around the corner, but you may have either university entrance or job applications as your next life step. In this case, it’s never too early to start analyzing your strengths and weaknesses so that you are ready when the time comes. It can take time to master certain techniques so the more practice you have, the better. Interview skills can also help you in informal situations such as being able to introduce yourself at networking or social events.

Do I need to be applying for a particuar kind of course or job?

No. Good interview technique is the same no matter what course of study or career you are looking to enter. We offer tips, techniques and practice that can be used in any situation.

I’m already confident about my ability to interview well. Will this course still help me?

EtonX’s courses are designed for all abilities. If you are already confident about answering questions, you will still benefit from getting feedback from your tutor and fellow students in the virtual class. In particular, you’ll get a chance to understand how others are perceiving you.

Who are the tutors?

All our tutors are UK based and have been trained at Eton College. They are highly experienced online tutors used to working with students from all over the world. Every EtonX tutor has passed a rigorous selection and training process and has been cleared to work with children by the British government.

Will I have a teacher from Eton College?

Each course has a Course Director who is a teacher at Eton College. The Course Director of this course is the Head of Career Education at Eton College. He has worked with EtonX to produce the course and features in videos introducing and summarising each week’s work. You will also have a chance to hear from students at Eton.