Study Skills

Learn how to improve your motivation and focus, organisation, quality of note taking,  memory, and retention in order to optimise your studies for success in exams and assignments.

Kristen Hassler

Head of Learning Support, Eton College
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Course overview

Our Study Skills Course develops your ability to study independently and allow effective revision of class materials in preparation for examinations.



Becoming an Independent Learner

  • Address your executive function challenges.
  • Overcome procrastination and stay focused.
  • Set your personal learning goals.



  • Think about your own thinking
  • Use self-questioning to improve your academic performance
  • Use feedback to improve your learning
  • Use self-reflection techniques to keep track of your learning.


Getting Organised

  • Use effective reading strategies
  • Use effective listening strategies
  • Take effective notes in different contexts
  • Organise your notes, folders and study space.


Improving your Memory

  • Identify which type of memory you need to store information in
  • Improve your working memory
  • Use research-based strategies for saving information in your long-term memory
  • Use learning science to revise in the most effective and efficient way.


Prioritising and Timekeeping

  • Understand time perception as a facet of studying
  • Evaluate your time management
  • Use strategies to improve your time management
  • Create a study timetable.


Boosting your Confidence for Exams

  • Get and keep yourself motivated for exams
  • Prepare effectively for exams
  • Recognise and avoid exam anxiety
  • Plan for the exam countdown
  • Plan for what to do after an exam.

Study Skills– learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will have learnt how to:

  • use strategies to stay focused when studying
  • use metacognition, feedback and self-reflection to improve your learning
  • read, listen and take notes appropriately
  • organise your study materials and space effectively
  • use strategies for retaining information in your long-term memory
  • set and monitor realistic study goals and maintain a healthy study/life balance
  • use effective revision strategies and techniques to feel more in control at exam times
  • identify what’s holding you back and consider how you can personally improve your study habits.

Study options


Self-paced, independent learning that students complete at their own pace.

This is a flexible option which students can fit around school and other extracurricular commitments.

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  • 7–10 hours of learning materials
  • Diagnostic test to measure skill level
  • Progress dashboard
  • Certificate of completion

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