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  • Suitable for ages 14-20
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What will you learn?

Our Creative Problem Solving course will help you to come up with many innovative ideas, to craft those ideas and apply them in your own life. You will also develop your skills in creative expression, both verbally and visually and learn how to see problems from different perspectives. The Creative Problem Solving course will equip you with a creative process that you can apply in academic and work contexts or when pursuing your own personal creative projects.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop curiosity for creative problem-solving
  • Generate lots of ideas
  • Be playful with your ideas
  • Refine and develop your ideas
  • Take risks and learn from mistakes
  • Persist with creative ideas
  • Develop your visual and verbal creativity
  • Be brave enough to share your creative ideas

Course features

This course is 100% online and packed full of engaging learning materials, with a personal action plan and a knowledge test for each learner. Additional features are available if you wish to take this course as part of a Study Group.

  • Designed by Eton College experts
  • Personal action plan
  • Interactive tasks, videos & quizzes
  • Knowledge test

Reviews from our students

“My feedback in general about the course is that I became more aware about every problem that’s happening in the world, along with, trying to actually solve the problem, made me more confident to take the risk no matter what happens; never give up and be persistent. Moreover, the fact that I’ve experienced every step in order to solve a problem is such a fascinating journey; all my life I’ve only been aware of the problem and the solution not the steps to solve an actual problem.”


Student from Jordan

The EtonX Creative Problem Solving course really opens your door to your hidden creativity and challenges you to give out your best at bringing solutions! This was a great opportunity to explore a lot of creative solutions.

Swathi, United Arab Emirates

“The EtonX Creative Problem Solving course is a really good and interesting way to learn about creativity in different fields, which will help you in your daily life routine. I would highly recommend this course.”

Sara, United Arab Emirates

“All in all, I think that the course is really fun and entertaining plus it puts you into a challenge of using your ideas creatively. I really loved the course along with the most kind tutor I have ever met plus my classmates, I really love the positive energy that the tutor always give us and how she always keeps a smile on her face.”

Student from Jordan

Why should I take this course?

This course is right for you if you are aged 14–20 and you want to:

  • Get better at coming up with original ideas
  • Have the confidence to share your creative ideas with others
  • Learn how to use a creative thinking process to solve real-world problems

92% of executives say that soft skills are equally important or more important than technical skills

How can you take this course?

There are two ways you can take this online course, depending on how you wish to study and how much support you require.

Self Study


  • Start any time and work at your own pace
Course breakdown

  • 7-10 hours of self study learning materials

  • Progress dashboard
  • Certificate of completion

7-Week Tutor Group


  • Paced weekly learning with your tutor group
Course breakdown

  • 7-10 hours of self study learning materials
  • Regular guided discussions and collaborative tasks
  • 7 online group classes with an EtonX tutor and your tutor group (up to 8 students)

  • Progress dashboard
  • EtonX trained tutor
  • Collaborative learning
  • Certificate of achievement

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