Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities

We work with schools on five continents to support them in creating successful, confident and well-rounded students.

Our courses

Our online courses help students develop the skills they need to achieve their goals, whatever they might be. We know that every school has different needs, so we’re happy to work with you on a flexible programme to suit your needs.

Be an effective and assertive communicator, a confident public speaker and learn to handle difficult conversations, build rapport and influence others.

Learn strategies for recognising and controlling emotions, dealing with challenges and maintaining positive relationships with others.

Understand how to navigate the university application process, from choosing a course to performing well in entrance exams and interviews for top universities.

Develop research, writing and critical thinking skills which are key to strong performance in essays, assignments and exams.

Understand what it takes to bring a business idea to life, and develop the skills needed to get through the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Prepare for the world of work by learning about the job market, what makes a good CV and how to ace an interview.

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Implementing EtonX in your school

There are a number of different ways to implement EtonX courses to suit your students and your school timetable.

Live Tutor Group

Students join live online classes with an EtonX tutor. This is a great way to bring students from across your school or school group together to learn and collaborate.

Students also complete online asynchronous learning sections before each class.

Blended Approach

Students work on our Self-Study Courses independently and come together for in-school workshops to practise and develop their skills.

We provide workshop plans and follow-up activities for most of our courses.

Independent Study

Students work on our Self-Study Courses independently in their own time – this could be outside of school, or during a set class period.

We can advise on best practice to ensure students stay on track with their learning.

How we support schools

We know that with any online learning resource, implementation is key. That’s why we offer the EtonX Schools Service, to support you and your students in getting the most out of our courses. 

Kick-off and review meetings

Our team will work with you to understand your objectives and plan the implementation of your courses to ensure your students get the most out of them.

When your students have completed their courses, we’ll share useful data with you to show how they’ve progressed and highlight any successes.

Teacher Resource Pack

Most of our courses feature ready-made workshop plans, and follow-up activities to give you opportunities to extend students’ learning.


See real-time student progress and attainment, and drill down into specific areas. This is great for helping you keep students on track, and for identifying areas where they might need additional support.

Thinking about implementing EtonX in your school?

Speak to our team for advice on course options and implementation.

Our pedagogy

EtonX courses follow a tried and tested pedagogical structure, delivered via our custom-built learning software.

Our Tutor Group Courses follow a flipped learning approach  — students are encouraged to carry out independent study and come together in our virtual classroom with their tutor or small groups, to actively apply what they have learnt.

Our Self-Study Courses promote independent learning and encourage young people to develop skills associated with learning how to learn.


We take safeguarding as seriously as you do — it’s in our DNA and built into our technology and our processes.

  • All EtonX staff and tutors undertake full background checks and regular safeguarding training.
  • All students are verified before being able to participate in live classes.
  • In-built filters prevent sharing of personal information or offensive material.
  • Live classes are spot-checked by our safeguarding team for safeguarding and quality control purposes.

See our full Safeguarding Policy.

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